Eagle Ford Gas Headed to Mexico

Eagle Ford Pipeline to Mexico
Eagle Ford Pipeline to Mexico

Petróleos Mexicanos announced Friday that is has acquired the funding to complete the construction of the pipeline Los Ramones II for an estimated $900 million.

The deal was a collaboration between Blackrock and First Reserve will be one of the first projects for Mexico’s historic energy reform that will enable a low-cost energy supply and create jobs. The first part of this project, the Ramones I, ranges from Eagle Ford in Texas to Los Ramones, Nuevo León and phase II will reach Guanajuato to supply the central and western parts of the country.

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Participation of the private sector in infrastructure will be very important in Mexico, and around the world. Given the recent reforms, growth in Mexico and economic stability, investment opportunities in Mexican infrastructure have definitely drawn our attention and we hope to explore other opportunities in the near future.
— Jim Barry, CEO of the Infrastructure Investment Group of BlackRock

The terms of the deal commit BlackRock to $4.6 billion and First Reserve to $30 million over 25 years and gives them a combined 45 percent control of the project.

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Mexico’s rising demand for natural gas has created a lucrative export industry for Eagle Ford producers in recent years. The country hopes to lessen its dependence on other sources by tapping into its own shale oil and natural gas within the next five to 10 years.

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Penn Virginia Sells Eagle Ford Midstream Assets to ArcLight Capital - $100 Million

Penn Virginia Eagle Ford Operations Update - Dec 2013
Penn Virginia Eagle Ford Operations Update - Dec 2013

Penn Virginia is selling its natural gas midstream assets in the Eagle Ford to an affiliate of ArcLight Capital Partners (American Midstream) for $100 million.

The deal includes gas gathering, a gas lift system, 119 miles of pipelines and associated facilities in Gonzales and Lavaca counties.

ArcLight has several active midstream investments and will likely make future acquisitions in the area or sell this to a larger midstream operator in the next five years.

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ArcLight Capital has raised over $10 billion for energy related investments since 2001.

H. Baird Whitehead, CEO, stated, "The divestiture of our natural gas midstream assets is the first step in a series of potential divestitures which will reduce our indebtedness, improve our liquidity and fund further investment in our oily Eagle Ford Shale play."

Read the full press release at pennvirginia.com

Marathon Increases Its Eagle Ford Resource Estimate to 1 Billion Barrels

Marathon Eagle Ford and Austin Chalk Development Plan
Marathon Eagle Ford and Austin Chalk Development Plan

Marathon Oil has increased its total resource estimate for the Eagle Ford from 469 million barrels initially to ~1 billion boe today.

The company will run 18 rigs throughout 2014 in the the Eagle Ford.

In addition, Marathon will pursue developing both the Austin Chalk and Eagle Ford in the area.

Development will look more like what we see operators doing in North Dakota where they target the Bakken and Three Forks from single pads.

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In areas prospective for both plays, two wells targeting the Austin Chalk and three wells targeting the Lower Eagle Ford will be drilled from a single pad. Further testing in the first half of 2014 will determine how widely this method of development can be applied.

When you look at the three priorities for our 2014 business plan - accelerating our rig activity in three of the highest-value domestic resource plays, ......we believe they definitively reinforce our stated strategy of creating long-term shareholder value and a commitment to rigorous portfolio management integrated with robust capital allocation.
— CEO Lee Tillman.

Capital Budget Focused on Liquids Growth in North America

Marathon Oil will spend $5.9 billion in 2014, with approximately 60% ($3.6 billion) directed at developing liquids-rich assets in North America.

A total of $2.3 billion will be spent in the Eagle Ford to drill 385-405 gross (250-260 net) wells. Almost 90% of the company's activity is operated. $225 million, which is included in the $2.3 billion, will be spent on pipelines and centralized production tanks (batteries).

[ic-l]Marathon will spend just over $1 billion in the Bakken and more than than $200 million in the Oklahoma Woodford. Combined with the Eagle Ford, the plays account for almost all of Marathon's North American resource play investment in 2014.

Production from the company's three core resource plays will surpass 175,000 boe/d in 2014, with the Eagle Ford contributing approximately 120,000 boe/d

Read the full press release at marathonoil.com

NET Midstream Gets FERC Approval for NET Mexico Pipeline to Export Eagle Ford Gas

NET Midstream - Mexico Pipeline Map
NET Midstream - Mexico Pipeline Map

NET Midstream has received FERC approval for border crossing facilities that will allow the NET Mexico Pipeline to export Eagle Ford natural gas to Mexico. At capacity, the pipeline could double U.S. natural gas exports to Mexico.

The Net Mexico pipeline is a 42-inch, 124 mile pipeline from Nueces County to Starr County in South Texas.

The pipeline is backed by a 2.1 Bcfd transportation contract with MGI Supply ltd (PEMEX Subsidiary).

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We were pleased to receive this timely authorization from FERC last week. Receipt of the Presidential Permit was an important regulatory milestone for NET Mexico.” said Joe Gutierrez, Co-President of NET. “Development and financing of the pipeline is on schedule, with mainline construction beginning in the first quarter of 2014, and mechanical completion in October.

Much of the pipeline will be 42 inch pipe, but approval has been granted for a 48-inch pipeline into Mexico.

Read the full press release at netmidstream.com

Energy Transfer Will Convert an Eagle Ford Gas Pipeline to Liquids to Supply Trafigura Terminal in Corpus Christi

Trafigura Terminals Eagle Ford Port in Corpus Christi
Trafigura Terminals Eagle Ford Port in Corpus Christi

Energy Transfer has reached an agreement with Trafigura for liquids capacity that supports the development of a pipeline supplying the Port of Corpus Christi.

Energy Transfer will utilize existing infrastructure to construct an 82-mile, 100,000 b/d pipeline system from McMullen County to the Port of Corpus Christi.

Leveraging underutilized natural gas pipelines allows Energy Transfer to have the pipeline running in 9-12 months.

This pipeline combined with our deep-water terminal enables Trafigura to offer a complete solution to producers who seek to take Eagle Ford to the broader market.
— Jeff Kopp, Trafigura's Director of Oil for North America.
Oil Tanker Leaving Port of Corpus Christi
Oil Tanker Leaving Port of Corpus Christi

The pipeline will deliver crude to Trafigura's Port of Corpus Christi Terminal, where a $500 million construction project is underway on a second deep-water dock that is 850 ft long and has a draft of 45 ft. Once complete, the terminal will be able to handle Aframax vessels (245 meters or ~800 ft long). Aframax ships are medium-sized oil tankers with capacity of approximately 750,000 barrels.

Trafigura states the facility will be able to handle three medium range tankers and two inland barges at one time.