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Do you enjoy writing?  Do you have an area of knowledge relating to the Eagle Ford Shale development?  If you have something of value to contribute and can present it in a professional manner, we'd like to talk with you about participation in the web platform. offers a unique channel for reaching the Eagle Ford audience, continually adding new features and benefits for our stakeholders.

As part of our ongoing development plan, we consider for publication qualified writing from 3rd parties.  Users love original content from qualified writers who can produce insightful information surrounding their area of expertise.  Topics we consider are: legal, accounting, business trends, private equity, regulatory, operations, mid stream, geology, leasing, and economic development.

Here are just a few of the benefits for you in exchange for participating.

1.  Immediate brand building and excellent exposure for you and your company 2.  Association with quality and professionalism 24 x 7 on the web 3.  A 200 character author biographical sketch at the bottom of your posts, where you may describe your business, including your photo and 1 link to your website

If you'd like to be considered as a guest contributor candidate, fill out the contact form. Include relevant experience and direction as to where we can review samples of your writing.