EagleFordShale.com Advertising Testimonials

“Within a few days of making my listing, we booked a charter flight to Cotulla”
-- Dennis – CapJets of Houston

“To judge the effectiveness of the MarketPlace, I called several existing advertisers. All were receiving qualified inquiries.”
-- Mary – San Antonio

“Within 48-72 hours of listing, we had over 30 hits and we rented our mobile home within one business day. We also converted in a rental of an RV hook-up. Two others are incubating/pending. Pretty hot, pretty active, we are pleased!”
-- Will Fernandez – Tortuga RV Park, Cotulla, TX

“To achieve success in business, you need to find avenues to tap into the market you serve. I made a small investment to advertise the product(s) I proudly represent and to date have 3,677 views from potential customers. I have had phone calls (nationwide) from the north, south, east and west. When my ad was up for renewal there wasn’t any hesitation to continue the partnership. Thank you Eagle Ford Shale Marketplace(tm) for helping me get the word out!”
-- Annette – Palm Harbor

“As the owner of a small, start up company, Remote Safety Recovery Systems, we watch every expense. After careful consideration, we decided to advertise on the Eagle Ford Shale Marketplace. With in days, our phone began to ring, resulting in new sales and new accounts. RSRS has definitely benefited from the exposure we have received from the Eagle Ford Shale Marketplace. Today, Remote Safety Recovery Systems is an industry leader in cooling trailers…thanks to the Eagle Ford Shale Marketplace!”
-- Kraig L. Knight – Owner Remote Safety Recovery Systems

“Within days of listing we started receiving inquiries. The MarketPlace has been the best way for us to reach our target market.”
-- Michael Goldberg – Efficient Fleets

“Having a listing on EagleFordShale.com has had an immediate impact on inquiries to our business. We have had a diversified group of people contact us as a result of our listing.
-- Mike Shinn – Greenworld Restoration

“If you are looking to make a STRONG presence in the Eagle Ford Shale BOOM you can’t beat the VALUE of the MarketPlace Listing!”
-- Jonathan Pina – Palm Harbor Homes

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