EOG Accelerates Eaglebine JV With ZaZa by Electing Into Phase II

ZaZa Energy Eaglebine Map
ZaZa Energy Eaglebine Map

EOG Resources joint venture with ZaZa in the Eaglebine is moving into phase two of three. EOG is expected to complete the first three wells this year and was expected to elect into phase two in early 2014. Instead, the company has accelerated its plans.

The deal includes several forms of consideration, so we'll break it out by company:

EOG receives the following:

  • 20,000 net acres as part of agreeing to phase II
  • The companies also agree that EOG will receive an additional 6,000 net acres if the company elects into phase II on or before January 31, 2014

ZaZa receives:

  • $17 million
  • Interests in 15 wells outside the current AMI in Madison County, with a PDP present value of $3 million
  • Costs carry on 1 vertical well, two horizontal wells, and a $1.25 million credit toward land & operational expenses
  • As part of phase III, ZaZa will receive additional interests in the Southern Madison County wells valued at $9 million
  • Additionally in phase II, ZaZa retains 14,000 net acres that EOG can elect into on or before January 31, 2014

ZaZa also receives a 25% interest in approximately 19,000 net acres that have been acquired by EOG in exchange for $2 million plus additional acreage. ZaZa is assigning a 75% working interest in approximately 18,500 net acres in Walker and Madison counties.

This is a significant step forward for our company as we establish our production base and create the right platform for growth. Through this transaction we’ve successfully increased our contiguous JV acreage footprint, established $16.1 million in PDP value across interests in 23 producing wells and will see an influx of $16.5 million in net cash.
— Todd A. Brooks, ZaZa’s CEO

While two wells are still waiting to be completed, I believe this deal signals that EOG is confident in what they've seen from operated and non-operated wells in the area. There would not have been a reason to accelerate the timeline without an optimistic outlook.

Watch to see if EOG elects into phase three later in the year or in January 2014. If they do, I believe we'll see the companies planning for development instead of exploration at some point in 2014.

Read the full press release at zazaenergy.com

SM Energy Expects Eagle Ford Condensate Discount - Interruptible Gathering

SM Energy Operated Eagle Ford Acreage Map
SM Energy Operated Eagle Ford Acreage Map

SM Energy expects its Eagle Ford condensate production will realize a long-term average discount of $7-8 to NYMEX prices. Oil production in the region averaged price realizations of 101% and 103% of WTI in the fourth quarter of 2012 and first quarter of 2013, respectively.

SM Energy's operated Eagle Ford production grew 15% over the fourth quarter to 51,800 boe/d. That represents 74% growth over the first quarter of 2012. The company's non-operated position (Anadarko operated) grew 3% in the quarter to an average of 16,000 net boe/d.

SM Energy's Eagle Ford Gathering Will Be Interruptible

The company's operated production has regularly exceeded 300 mmcfd in March and April of 2013. Firm transportation agreements are currently in place for 300 mmcfd and the company is confident there is adequate gathering infrastructure in place. Additional firm capacity will be online mid-year 2013 and the company believes current infrastructure will allow for growth in the interim.

SM ran five drilling rigs in the quarter and completed 28 wells. Anadarko ran nine rigs.

Expanding East Texas Woodbine & Eagle Ford Acreage

The company now has approximately 150,000 net acres prospective for the Woodbine and Eagle Ford in Walker, San Jacinto, Polk, and Washington counties. Watch for well test results in the second half of the year.

Read the full press release at sm-energy.com

EOG - ZaZa Joint Venture in the Eaglebine

ZaZa Energy Eaglebine Map
ZaZa Energy Eaglebine Map

ZaZa Energy and EOG Resources have reached terms on a joint venture (jv) targeting the Eaglebine in Grimes, Madison, Montgomery, Trinity, and Walker counties.

ZaZa is also selling Eagle Ford acreage in separate transactions. Two deals for more than 10,000 acres in the Moulton area were sold to undisclosed buyers for $52.5 million.

EOG gains 55,000 net acres or a 75% interest in 73,000 acres across ZaZa's Eaglebine position if the company elects to move forward with all three phases of the agreement. ZaZa retains 100% interest in 19,000 of it's 93,000 net acres where previous discoveries were made.

Todd A. Brooks, ZaZa’s CEO, stated “Partnering with one of the largest unconventional oil focused operators in the country validates the Eaglebine work program that has been executed by ZaZa to date. Our new joint venture will benefit from economies of scale and focus on optimizing field development and accelerating production at a reduced cost.”

EOG will operate the joint venture and will proceed in phases. Details of the transaction were not disclosed, but EOG will make cash payments and commit to drill three wells in each of the three phases. Phases two and three will go forward at EOG's election.

I bet we see the first three wells drilled by year-end and we'll know if EOG is going forward with phase two and three in early 2014. Of note, Range Resources also has an interest in portions of the acreage.

Read more about the deal at zazaenergy.com

You can also read more about the Eaglebine at our Eagle Ford Geology page

Is the Eaglebine Ready To Take Off?

Halcon Resources Eaglebine Map
Halcon Resources Eaglebine Map

Drilling results in the Eaglebine have been relatively quiet, but operators have leased aggressively in Brazos, Leon, Madison, Walker, and Grimes counties for a few years now.

Halcon Resources will be driving the charge. The company plans to spend almost $500 million and will run 5-7 rigs in the area this year. Encana plans to run a rig as well.

With a few rigs running, we'll know a lot more sooner than later. A ZaZa Energy representative shared his thoughts on the play at an AAPG meeting in San Antonio this past week.

Thomas Bowman, Geophysics at ZaZa Energy, stated "This is everything you want except for six months of production"

I take that to mean well results look promising. The main operators with permits and significant acreage include:

  • Crimson Exploration
  • Encana
  • Halcon Resources
  • EOG Resources

Read more from Jennifer Hiller at mysanantonio.com

ZaZa Energy Acquires Eaglebine Acreage From Range Resources

ZaZa Energy completed an acquisition in March from Range Resources that expanded the company's Eaglebine position to almost 90,000 net acres. The company basically doubled its gross acreage in the play from 83,000 to 144,000 gross acres through the acquisition. ZaZa will operate the acreage and is require to make two undisclosed payments and drill one well under terms of the deal. ZaZa plans a six well drilling program, with both vertical and horizontal wells, that will start in May. The acreage is contiguous with the company's position that expands into parts of Grimes, Madison, and Walker counties. The company expects the greatest potential is from the liquids-rich Eaglebine, but also expects to drill through two other potential "resource plays" and seven conventional formations.

You can read more at the company website