Deloitte Oil & Gas Conference Speakers Detail a Bright Future in Energy

Deloitte Oil Gas Conference - Global Capital Budgets
Deloitte Oil Gas Conference - Global Capital Budgets

Deloitte held their annual Oil & Gas Conference on Nov 16th and the sessions featured several key leaders from across the industry.

While the conference is about the industry overall, the shale plays naturally commanded the lion's share of the conference. The mood was highly optimistic. We are no longer in the "shale revolution", rather this energy renaissance is a reality that is here to stay.

Overall, the common theme throughout the sessions could be summarized in a word: "Innovation." Whether it is lowering costs or utilizing currently flared gas through a gas-to-liquids (GTL) process, the industry sees room for growth.

A few key points and statistics we noted while at the conference:

  • Oil production is at levels not seen since the mid 1980s
  • The US has 15% of technically recoverable shale gas and 17% of technically recoverable shale oil resources globally
  • The US will pass Russia as leading O&G producer this year; will pass Saudi Arabia next year
  • Shale has increased our current trade balance by $200 million/yr and is predicted to give us oil independence by 2020
  • A better trade balance has led to increasing geopolitical influence in critical regions
  • The oil export ban needs reform. Otherwise, refinery changes are needed and we will consume more expensive crude.
  • Operators are focused on cutting costs to increase valuations
  • According to Maynard Holt, "we may be in the 8th inning of the shale game, but we're in the 3rd inning of the completion/cocktail game"
  • In the last five years, foreign firms have invested over $100 billion in US unconventional assets
  • Since 2008, Chinese joint ventures have spent 44 billion to acquire N. America based energy firms and assets
  • Gas-to-liquids technology is becoming more and more attractive with current oil and gas prices
  • Skip Horvath, Natural Gas Supply Association predicts that natural gas will hit $6.00 by 2020, "assuming Washington leaves us alone over the next few years."

"This boom isn't just for a few years. We believe the shale revolution really has staying power" -Ryan Lance, ConocoPhillips CEO

About the Deloitte Oil & Gas Conference

The Deloitte Oil & Gas Conference is an annual conference for oil and gas executives and leading industry experts to share their views on important issues facing the global oil and gas industry. The objective of this conference is to provide a forum for executives and managers from companies in all sectors of the oil and gas industry, commercial and investment bankers, industry analysts, service providers to the oil and gas industry, representatives of government agencies, trade groups and policy planners, to understand emerging issues.

Heard At The Eagle Ford Well & Frac Design Conference - Day 1

Eagle Ford Well & Frac Design Conference
Eagle Ford Well & Frac Design Conference

We spent yesterday afternoon at the Eagle Ford Well & Frac Design Conference in Houston. The biggest takeaway was it is still early in the life of the Eagle Ford and operators are learning more with every well. Don't be surprised if the extent of the Eagle Ford grows as more is learned.

A few of the things we noted include:

  • The boom is expanding into Brazos County & the surrounding area. Watch for activity from more than just Halcon later in the year
  • Operators are targeting the Pepper Shale interval of the Woodbine/Eagle Ford in the Eaglebine area
  • Hitting your target is very important in the Eagle Ford. One operator found just 60% of fracks were successful when above the target zone and just 15% successful below the zone
  • Operators are seeing improvements by pumping more sand per foot of lateral. Up to 1,500-2,000 lbs/ft
  • Stage spacing is difficult to determine. You can't change it once you start the completion
  • Much more clay can be present than previously thought
  • The Eagle Ford and its equivalents stretch 2,000 miles into the Northeast
  • Fina had a well with a production contribution from the Eagle Ford Shale in the 1920s
  • 214 of the approximately 6,400 wells have been dry holes to date
  • Common well failures include: Lateral collapse, casing collapse, out of zone drilling, geologic faults, and operators unable to drill out plugs
  • ZaZa calls it "Slow back" - controlling reservoir pressures early on is an important factor in stabilizing the reservoir

You can learn more about the conference HERE

Texas Eagle Ford Shale Oil & Gas Expo July 16-17 - Press Release

American Bank Center Corpus Christi TX
American Bank Center Corpus Christi TX

Don't miss the next major Eagle Ford event in Corpus Christi. The Eagle Ford Shale Oil & Gas Expo will be held July 16-17 at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi.

The event is hosted by the Texas Eagle Ford Shale Magazine and will host businesses from all across South Texas.

You can get more information about the event at our Texas Eagle Ford Shale Oil & Gas Expo page.

Eagle Ford Expo Schedule

  • July 15 - 8 AM Golf Tournament (North Shore Country Club); 8-5 Exhibitor Setup (AB Center); 6-8 pm Welcome Reception (Omni Bayfront Hotel)
  • July 16 - 10-8 Expo open, with live service & product demos (AB Center); 5-8 pm Industry & Exhibitor Reception (AB Center)
  • July 17 10-6 Expo open (AB Center); 7-9 pm Closing Reception (Omni Bayfront Hotel)

Eagle Ford Conference & Expo May 1-2 In Robstown - Press Release

Eagle Ford Conference and Expo
Eagle Ford Conference and Expo

Don't forget about the Eagle Ford Conference & Expo that starts May 1st in Robstown.

Approximately 400 exhibitors will be on hand. Topics covered by the speakers will include natural gas vehicles, road safety & transportation, the economic benefits of the boom, and keeping oil & gas operating costs down.

You can get more information about the event at our Eagle Ford Conference & Expo page and you can Register HERE.

Presenters will range from policymakers to safety and environmental experts.
— Jennifer Larivey, VP of the conference

Speakers include:

  • Chip Haas, Chesapeake
  • Omar Garcia, STEER
  • David Ainsworth, Ainsworth Trucking
  • Buck Russel, Union Pacific
  • David Blackmon, FTI Consulting
  • David Porter, TX RRC
  • Blake Farenthold, US Congressman
  • Bryan Shaw, TCEQ Chairman

Eagle Ford Conference & Expo Schedule

  • May 1st at 7:30 am – Arrive at the Richard M. Borchard Fairgrounds – 1213 Terry Shamsie Blvd Robstown, TX, 78380
  • May 1st at 5-7 pm – Networking Mixer at Richard M. Borchard Fairgrounds
  • May 2nd7:30 am to 5:00 pm – Day two of the conference and expo ends with an address from Texas Railroad Commissioner David Porter

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Texas Tribune Festival On the Road - Symposium on Energy & Environment April 13, 2012

If you are in the Houston area, there is a free Energy Symposium April 13, from 8 to 4 at the Wortham Theatre on campus at the University of Houston (131 Wortham Theatre, Houston, TX 77204). There will be speakers and panel discussions covering topics related to the Eagle Ford all the way to broader Texas energy plan issues. Be sure to check our Eagle Ford Conferences page for future events. Here's a short summary of the agenda:

8-9 The Chancellor of the University of Houston System will speak

9:15-10:15 Barry Smitherman, Chairman of the TX RRC is presenting on "An Energy Plan for Texas"

10:30-11:30 Is Clean and Renewable Energy an Oxymoron? - Panel Discussion

1:30-2:30 The Impact of the Eagle Ford Shale - Panel Discussion

  • Not really anything new.  A couple of politicians and an environmentalist talked about what theoretically needs to happen. If you aren't involved in public policy (intimately), you didn't miss much.

2:45-3:45 A conversation with two state representatives from the House Energy Resources Committee