Eagle Ford Quakes Linked to Disposal and Injection Wells

Since the drilling boom began in the Eagle Ford Shale, scientists have recorded a steady up-tick in earthquakes in South Texas. In a KENS-TV report, Seismologist, Cliff Frohlich, explains that there could be a link between South Texas quakes and disposal and injection wells.

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Video Highlights

  • South Texas residents concerned about earthquakes and connection to oil production
  • Difficult to determine distinction between man-made and naturally occurring earthquakes
  • Increase in earthquake activity since drilling boom began in Eagle Ford
  • Earthquakes could be linked to disposal and injection wells
Given that there’s tens of thousands of oil and gas wells in Texas and tens of thousands of injection wells, if [hydraulic fracking or disposing of fracking fluids] was hugely dangerous, then Texas would be famous because it was rocking with bad earthquakes all the time, but it’s not.
— Cliff Frohlich, Seismologist with The University of Texas

U.S. Headed For Energy Self-Sufficiency - Exxon CEO

Exxon Mobil's CEO Rex Tillerson believes the U.S. will be self sufficient and energy secure by 2020. The country is the largest natural gas producer in the world and is producing oil at rates not seen since the 1980s. Production of crude oil is expected to continue growing over the next few years and Tillerson thinks it's "realistic" that the U.S. will be secure in energy by the end of the decade. 

Tillerson discusses the difficulty of developing shale gas reserves in China. There is a lot of potential, but the formations are deeper and in more remote locations. There are a number of challenges that will delay development.

He also touches on unknown fiscal policy and how the uncertainty might be hurting economic growth here at home.

Eagle Ford Growth Means Opportunity - TED Talk

Tom Tunstall delivered an Eagle Ford presentation at TED San Antonio earlier in the fall. The Eagle Ford is a major development on a world-wide scale and is providing opportunity for many in South Texas.

Takeaways from the presentation include:

  • Eagle Ford is visible from space like the Great Wall of China
  • Development is happening is what used to be the poorest counties in Texas
  • $61 billion economic impact in 2012
  • Eagle Ford production will surpass 1 million b/d of oil in 2014
  • Be careful what you believe as "Truth"
  • Techniques for capturing shale gas and oil were unveiled by smaller independent operators
  • Sustainable development plans are needed to support growing communities

Where Are Oil & Natural Gas Prices Headed? Gary Evans of MHR

Where are natural gas prices and oil prices headed in 2013? Gary Evans discusses his view US oil & gas prices.

Notes from the interview include:

  • Need cold weather for natural gas prices to recover
  • The industry needs $4 natural gas prices
  • Technology has allowed for recent shale boom
  • China and India are thirsty for oil
  • The US is producing more than 50% of what it consumes
  • WTI to Brent spread allowed for the recent run up in oil prices
  • Not bullish on oil prices, but expects more upside to natural gas
  • Difficulty in leasing is really a federal lands issue

Do you agree or disagree? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Anadarko Petroleum's Eagle Ford Drilling Process - Video

Anadarko's GM Danny Brown discusses the company's Eagle Ford operations and the drilling process typically utilized by the company.

Highlights from Anadarko presentation include:

  • The company's operations border Mexico
  • 25 fold increase in production over two years
  • Anadarko wells are typically 7,000 ft deep with horizontal laterals of 6,000 ft (more than 10 Empire State building)
  • 16 inch surface conductor is set at 100 ft deep
  • Surface casing is set at approximately 2,000 ft
  • Kick out and start the horizontal lateral just above the Eagle Ford formation
  • 5 1/2 inch steel casing is set in the horizontal lateral
  • Benefits in jobs and local economy are considerable

Read more about the company's assets at our Anadarko Eagle Ford page.