Marathon Oil's Eagle Ford Production Jumps 11% - Other Plays Look Promising

Marathon Oil Core Eagle Ford Acreage
Marathon Oil Core Eagle Ford Acreage

Marathon Oil's Eagle Ford production jumped 11% to 80,000 boe/d during the second quarter.

Marathon drilled 82 gross Eagle Ford wells and brought 70 wells to production over the three month period. Marathon averaged more than three wells per Eagle Ford pad and 85% of its wells were drilled from pads in the second quarter. The company's spud to total depth drilling time as fallen to 12 days and spud-to-spud time averaged 18 days.

Expect well results from the company's 40-60 acre well pilots at the end of 2013.

Additional notes from the second quarter:

  • Production grew from 72,000 to 80,000 boe/d
  • Producing more gas. The percentage of oil production fell from 64% to 62%
  • Amount of production moving by pipeline grew from 65% to 70%

Austin Chalk & Pearsall Formations Proving Viable

Marathon has completed four Austin Chalk wells with horizontal laterals of a little more than 4,000 ft and initial production rates of almost 1,000 boe/d. A little less than half of the production stream is oil and condensate. The company compares the production stream to that of many Eagle Ford condensate wells.

The company also completed a Pearsall Shale well in the second quarter. The well came online at a 24-hour initial production rate of 580 boe/d.

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