Port of Corpus Christi Has Barges Waiting To Move Eagle Ford Oil

Trafigura Terminals Eagle Ford Port in Corpus Christi
Trafigura Terminals Eagle Ford Port in Corpus Christi

The Port of Corpus Christi has gone from moving less than 10,000 b/d of crude oil in 2011 to approximately 200,000 b/d in August 2012 to almost 350,000 b/d now.

Ships are now standing in line to move Eagle Ford crude and port expansions simply won't come fast enough.

“The longest [wait] I’ve seen is about seven days,” Ray Harrison, the port’s assistant harbor master said last Friday.

There are several construction projects underway or in the works

  • A new dock that can handle two 30,000 barrel barges will be in service this month
  • A new public dock has been approved that can handle four 30,000 barrel barges
  • Two other private projects on port land are being designed to load ships with 500,000 barrel capacity
  • Trafigura Terminals is expanding and will be able to handle three medium-range tankers and two inland barges at the same time

As noted by RBN Energy, approximately 30% of the oil shipped out of the port is headed for Morgan City, almost 30% is headed for Houston, another ~10% Beaumont, and ~10% to Texas City. The rest is sent to various locations throughout Texas and Louisiana.

There have been several stories on the port in the past few days. You can read more at platts.com,rbnenergy.com, and at learn more about Trafigura's terminal at texdockrail.com