Eagle Ford Shale Well Map - TX RRC - May 2013

Eagle Ford Shale Well Map
Eagle Ford Shale Well Map

An updated Eagle Ford well map was published by the RRC in mid-May.

Over a 98 day period between February and May, an average of almost 8 oil wells and almost 5 gas wells came online per day. It is obvious higher gas prices have been welcomed during the first half of the year.

The number of gas wells online has grown by almost 50% in just over three months.

Between February and May:

  • 768 oil wells came online – 3,462 producing
  • 448 gas wells came online – 1,443 producing
  • 5,497 permits had been approved and were pending development
  • More than 10,402 well permits have been drilled or are pending. Permits expire after two years, so many more have have been permitted over the past five years.

Data from the RRC is always a little delayed, so the numbers reflected are not be 100% accurate. The RRC is at the mercy of companies reporting data in a timely fashion. I suspect we have well over 5,000 producing Eagle Ford wells today.