Texas Earthquake Study Under Review

RCC Studies Texas Quakes
RCC Studies Texas Quakes

The Texas Railroad Commission is hosting a meeting to discuss the findings of a recent study on seismic activity in Texas.

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In April, scientists published a study in the scientific journal, Nature Communications, confirming that oil and gas activities are likely to blame for a series of earthquakes in Azle  and Reno Texas. At a meeting scheduled for June 5th, Commissioner Ryan Sitton and other technical staff will join the scientists and researchers to discuss the findings.

Commissioner Sitton has established the following goals for the meeting:

1) To understand the nature of this and similar studies

2) To explore what additional data could contribute to better scientific understanding on the processes that may be involved

3) To assess how these data might be efficiently and economically obtained

4) To determine what additional information could be requested of operators

5) To consider what regulatory changes the Railroad Commission could make to ensure that oil and gas continues to be developed safely yet with minimal economic impact in Texas

6) To discuss what future research and study is taking place that will enhance and further refine the scientific findings for Azle and other areas in Texas.


  • Friday, June 5, 2015 at 9:00 AM CST
  • William B. Travis State Office Building
  • 1701 N. Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas
  • Room 12-126.1 (12th floor)
  • Access live stream at  www.rrc.state.tx.us