Texas Earthquakes Linked to Fracking

Texas Earthquakes
Texas Earthquakes

A new study published Tuesday in the scientific journal, Nature Communications, confirms that oil and gas activities are likely to blame for a series of earthquakes in Azle  and Reno Texas.

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After a year-long investigation, researchers at SMU present findings that contradict the Texas Railroad Commission who have continued to deny the link between oil and gas operations and seismic activity.

Before 2008, Texas earthquakes were rare and both Azle and Reno experienced none. Since then, analysts have recorded over 150 significant quakes in North Texas including two magnitude 3.6 tremors in November and December of 2013.

Regional geologic interpretations and historical accounts of regional seismicity independently suggest that natural tectonic stress changes represent an unlikely cause of the Azle earthquakes. The analysis therefore indicates subsurface stress changes associated with brine production and wastewater injection represents the most probable cause of recent earthquakes in the Azle area.

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Azle and Reno have not expereinced any more quakes since 2013, but other Texas locales aren't so lucky. A series of quakes rattled residents in the north Texas community of Irving in January ranging in intensity from a 2.6-3.7 on the richter scale.

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