Rosetta Resources Eagle Ford Shale Production Interrupted

A midstream interruption in South Texas is forcing Rossetta Resources to curtail volumes from the company's Gates Ranch assets. Hopefully, this is localized and can be fixed relatively quickly.

Rosetta Resources Inc. (Nasdaq:ROSE) ("Rosetta" or the "Company") today announced a temporary interruption to a portion of daily production from its Gates Ranch assets in the Eagle Ford shale in South Texas due to an operational upset at a gathering and processing facility owned by a midstream service provider. Volumes of approximately 75 million cubic feet of net equivalent daily production have been curtailed since July 20, 2011. A second midstream service provider continues to take the balance of field production. We expect a partial return of service in the next few days and a return to full service shortly thereafter. The Company will provide an update if conditions change, or when plant operations return to normal and production curtailments end.