Propane Frack Test in Maverick County - Jadela, Gasfrac, Packers Plus

A propane frack or LPG frack was completed yesterday by Jedela Oil Corp in conjunction with Gasfrac and Packers Plus in the Eagle Ford Shale of Maverick County, TX. Watch for results from this well as it will be an early indicator of whether or not propane fracks can provide upside to current economics in the Eagle Ford Shale. LPG (liquified petroleum gas) or propane fracks will also gain more interest if the drought continues in South Texas. In a few cases, we've heard of operators drilling $500,000+ water wells to ensure delivery of hydraulic fracturing fluids. While the process is often referred to as a "propane frack", an "LPG Frack" is more correct. The fluid is usually more than 90% propane, but will include ethane, propylene, butane, and some heavier hydrocarbons. A few of the benefits of LPG fracks versus hydraulic fracturing completions include: 

  • LPG's are more compatible with the formation's gas
  • Quicker completions, with no flow back water
  • Reduced formation damage
  • Costs savings where water isn't abundant

Jadela Oil Corp. (CA:JOC), GASFRAC Energy Services Inc. (CA:GFS) and Packers Plus Energy Services Inc. are pleased to announce that on August 21, 2011, Jadela completed fraccing its El Indio #1-H well into the Eagle Ford shale formation on its property located in Maverick County, Texas. Jadela used a Packers Plus StackFRAC(R) Open Hole Multi-Stage completion liner system and fracced the well using propane/butane and sand instead of water. GASFRAC provided the pumping horsepower and its stimulation technology in conjunction with Jadela's operational expertise.

Jadela has not tested the well. Testing will occur this week and it is expected that the well will be shut in pending construction of the propane recycling equipment and well site facilities. Jadela is in the process of outsourcing the construction of a pipeline, permanent battery equipment and the pipeline hookup to a 6" inch pipeline close by operated by West Texas Gas. The well was drilled and completed on a "tight hole" basis and as such specific well information is not available to the public at this time.

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