PEMEX Shale Play Spending to Grow to $200 Million

Mexico Eagle Ford Shale Map
Mexico Eagle Ford Shale Map

PEMEX is preparing to spend $200 million researching and testing shale plays in Mexico. The national oil company plans to test two shale plays, with a focus in the Eagle Ford and one other play.

Commissioner Guillermo Dominguez said seismic studies to be carried out are designed to determine whether the rich petroleum deposits found in shale rock formations in the U.S. extend into Mexico. He said one of the two "large blocks" to be studied is an extension of the Eagle Ford shale rock formation that runs from Texas into Mexico. The other site is just down the Gulf of Mexico near Tampico.

Even if PEMEX is successful, don't expect a drilling boom any time soon. Company representatives expect they are 5-8 years away from true shale gas development. To be honest, there's no need to push it. The country is positioned well to import U.S. natural gas, which is very cheap in in the worldwide market. Read more about the company's plans in our article Eagle Ford Gas is Headed to Mexico.

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