EOG Resources Eagle Ford Shale Frack Sand Plant

EOG Resources is expanding its operations through the building of a plant that will deliver frac sand to the company's Eagle Ford Shale operations.  Just like everything else that is popping up very quickly, there is concern over traffic from the local residents. 

"Just north of the city is the ongoing construction of an EOG Resources plant, which will be used for fracturing sand for use in oil and gas drilling.""The industrial business is a boom for the city and county's economy, but resident Rene Garza is worried about the plant's drainage plans, which is to send waste into Dry Creek."

"Garza also worries about the plant's environmental impact."

"Garza's home is about 125 yards from the creek, which is filled with debris. At times of heavy rain, the creek becomes easily flooded and inches closer to his house, he said."

"Garza wants the county to take care of the problem and to conduct a town hall meeting about the EOG plant, which Garza said wasn't really talked much about with the city residents."

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