Drought Delaying Projects in Three Rivers, TX

Development projects in Three Rivers, TX, are waiting for water. Water treatment facilities are running at full capacity and some of the Apartment, Hotel, and RV developments are waiting until more water can be sourced. Bring the rain......

...Jayson Patel tells us he is building hotels. The frame is already raised and the roof work has begun on this particular hotel in Three Rivers.

Patel said it is a custom job: built based on what oil outfitters want for their workers.

“It’s a 40 unit hotel," he said. "It’s all suites, got an indoor pool, a meeting room - because a lot of these companies require meeting spaces."

When asked if the hotel is already going to be full by the time it's operational, he replied, “Yes. Yes. Yes.”

The hotel will be open in January, and just in time. the operators said. There’s a housing shortage in the Eagle Ford Shale oil boom area, and the city of Three Rivers has temporarily stopped hooking up new developments to the water system. That’s got some future RV camps, motels and apartment complexes on hold, at least for now...