Natural Gas Production Plummets in Eagle Ford Shale County

Webb County was edged out as the leading Texas producer of natural gas when production plunged in February.

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Webb County has ruled the state for years in natural gas production, boasting the highest numbers compared to other Texas counties by the Texas Railroad Commission (RRC)

In February that all changed, with the RRC reporting the county had a steep drop in production and Tarrant County moved into the top spot.

Webb county started the year strong averaging 60, 760, 884 mmcf of natural gas in January. Production for the Eagle Ford county dropped by more than 40% in February, with the county averaging 35,705, 945 mmcf. Tarrant County pulled ahead with 37,096,698 mmcf.

In 2016, the Eagle Ford Shale led Texas in natural gas production, according to the RRC. For full year 2016, the state's regulatory agency reported total gas production at 7,969,918,341 (mcf). This figure is broken down by region to include:

  • Eagle Ford Shale: 5357 (MMcf) 
  • Permian Basin: 5193 (MMcf)
  • Barnett Shale: 3775 (MMcf)
  • Haynesville : 887 (MMcf)

Texas oil production in February slipped in most counties, but Eagle-Ford's Karnes County is gaining ground. Production increased in Karnes from 5,603,618 bbls in January to 5,677,096 in February.

Source: Texas Railroad Commission

Source: Texas Railroad Commission