Webb County: Natural Gas King of Texas

Webb County, in the heart of the Eagle Ford, produces more natural gas in Texas than any other county. 

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In a state known for its oil and gas activity, the Eagle Ford Shale's Webb County could definitely be dubbed the 'King of Natural Gas'. The Texas Railroad Commission, the state's regulatory agency, reports monthly on all production activity in the state and has ranked Web County #1 in natural gas production for several years in a row.

Production peaked in April, with the RRC reporting total gas from Webb County at 6,454,727 (mcf). Tarrant County has remained second throughout the year, but trailed behind Webb between 12,000,00 - 24,000,000 (mcf)every month. 

The Eagle Ford Shale leads Texas in natural gas production, according to the RRC. For full year 2016, the state's regulatory agency reported total gas production at 7,969,918,341 (mcf). This figure is broken down by region to include:

  • Eagle Ford Shale: 5357 (MMcf) 
  • Permian Basin: 5193 (MMcf)
  • Barnett Shale: 3775 (MMcf)
  • Haynesville : 887 (MMcf)

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