Nat G CNG Solutions Opens Natural Gas Vehicle Center Near San Antonio - Press Release

Nat G CNG Solutions Vehicle
Nat G CNG Solutions Vehicle

Nat G CNG Solutions has opened a new natural gas vehicle solutions center in Converse, just outside of San Antonio.

The center will provide natural gas vehicle upgrades for both new and in-service vehicles, as well as fueling solutions for both private and large commercial fleets.

South Texas is a leading producer of natural gas, and until now, there have been very limited options for fleets and consumers to convert their vehicles to cleaner burning Texas fuel,” said State Representative Jason Isaac. “Due in part to the success of our energy industry, Texas is leading the nation in job creation. I am delighted to see Nat G making this commitment to the greater San Antonio area and helping South Texas make the switch to Natural Gas Vehicles.

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Halliburton Opens San Antonio Office & Operations Center - Will Service the Eagle Ford

Halliburton Administrative Office - San Antonio
Halliburton Administrative Office - San Antonio

Halliburton has officially opened the company's $70 million San Antonio office in southern Bexar County.

The new operations center will serve the needs of the Eagle Ford and the surrounding area. The company's South Texas operations have grown in stride with the Eagle Ford.

Halliburton has hired 550 employees and expects to add another 450 oilfield related jobs by the end of the year. The facility was designed to support as many as 1,500 employees.

Our new facility enables us to provide a wide range of services and support to our customers along the Eagle Ford corridor, as well as other South Texas fields.
— Paul Sheppard, VP of Halliburton’s Southeast Area.
Halliburton Maintenance Facility San Antonio
Halliburton Maintenance Facility San Antonio

The 400,000 square foot facility was built on 150 acres and currently supports five of the company's business lines:

  • Production enhancement
  • Boots & Coots
  • Cementing
  • Baroid
  • Wireline and Perforating.

The sixth business line, completion tools, will move to the facility in 2014.

Halliburton has operated in South Texas more than 80 years and now has offices in Alice, Victoria, and San Antonio.

The address for the new facility is:

4375 Loop 1604 East San Antonio, TX 78264

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Other major oilfield service companies have offices in the area as well:

AMGAS Launches Full Service H2S Treatment Operations in Texas - Eagle Ford - Press Release

AMGAS H2S Treatment Services
AMGAS H2S Treatment Services

AMGAS Service Inc (AMGAS), a full service H2S and noxious emissions treatment company, has commenced operations in Texas in response to increases in the levels of sour shale production. AMGAS’ innovations and expertise will help ensure producers are better able to safely haul and transport crude laden with H2S by truck and rail.

AMGAS will officially launch their services at the Developing Unconventionals DUG Eagle Ford Conference in San Antonio, Texas September 17-19, 2013 and representatives from the company will be on hand at booth 2085.

Texas has over 12,000 H2S gas wells and over 190,000 oil wells with H2S creating additional challenges during production, such as increased risks to workers safety and its impact on the environment. As an industry leader, AMGAS has the equipment and expertise to remove and treat H2S while crude is in motion. Their service helps control costs and positively impacts worker safety and the environment.

H2S is dangerous and must be handled and treated properly throughout all stages of drilling and production,” said Sheldon McKee director Business & Product Development at AMGAS. “Our aim is to proactively treat all H2S instances in the field and during transport in order to give our client the very best solutions on the market.

At the intersection of service, chemical and equipment, AMGAS offers full service H2S treatment with dependable innovations. AMGAS offers truck loading, fluid treatment and tank venting, which are all serviced by trained professionals.

 “What sets us apart is that we remove H2S from the well all the way to market (transport) and that allows us to be multidimensional in our approach,” said McKee. “We aim to lock down emissions at the lease and remove and treat H2S from the well to the road. We want to push the industry forward and continue to work to raise the standards of H2S treatment and removal.”


AMGAS is a corporation with offices across Western Canada, the US and in the Middle East and has been a leader in H2S treatment since the late 1980s. Safely handling H2S requires trained experts using dependable and innovative equipment, chemicals and processes. AMGAS developed specialized services fitting the specific needs of their different locations, operating at the intersection of chemicals, equipment and service. They take pride in working closely with their clients to ensure safety on site and provide expert assistance for all H2S treatments. For more information, please go to

Company Contacts:

AMGAS Services Inc. Sheldon McKee Director of International Business Development 403.507.5499

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5 Tips for Making the Most of an Oil & Gas Conference & Expo

Let's be honest. Conferences are expensive. Very expensive - Registration fees, airfare, auto rental, food – and maybe most of all your time and associated opportunity costs. The list goes on. Both DUG Eagle Ford in San Antonio and the South Texas Oilfield Expo in Corpus Christi are September 18-19, and I know some of you are going to attempt to attend both. Make the most of it.

How much business comes from a conference won't be known until months down the road, but you can make sure you get the most out of the event with the following tips.

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1. Take Notes (It's obvious. You know it and still don't do it.)

Some people call it paralysis by analysis. Conferences are packed full of content and you're meeting new people.  It's easy to overlook the fact that you'll forget most of what you learn before the day is over.

Smart phones make this easy. Use the notes function on your phone or download an app like Evernote that makes taking notes and sharing them across devices very easy.

2. Don't Make Every Conversation & Presentation a Page of Notes

If you are there to learn, write down 1-3 takeaways from each presentation or conversation.

Seriously. For a lot of people, this is why they don't take notes. It's overwhelming and it shouldn't be. If it's more than you can read in a glance, it is too much.

If you are there to meet business contacts, get their business card and write 1-3 things about your conversation on the back of it.

It's amazing how a lead can seem hot at a conference and a few days later you don't even remember their face....err, or they yours.

In your notes, star or highlight the most important things you don't want to miss a week later (your top 10%).

3. Create a Plan & Don't Follow It

It sounds crazy, but most conferences have a structure you should plan around. With that, the conversations in the coffee line or at lunch are often the best.

When you see people wearing a company logo or standing at a company booth you are interested in, introduce yourself.  Serendipitous, unplanned meetings are one of the often missed benefits of a conference. Miss the next presentation if the person is a potential business contact.

Two tips:

  • Quality contacts will last longer and be more valuable than any piece of information learned in one of the presentations
  • Go to the breakout rooms after the presentations you're most interested in. It's a less intimidating setting for the presenter and is where they will let down their guard. The result is you get real answers and not prepared remarks (the company line).

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4. Follow Up With Contacts In Real Time

[sws_blue_box box_size="630"]My experience is that people only follow up with a fraction of the people they meet. It is hard to remember every person and every conversation. Add a time element to a fuzzy memory and we don't act or we send a canned (copy and paste) email that isn't personal and it's hardly effective. [/sws_blue_box]

Use an app like LinkedIn's CardMunch to take a picture of business cards and have information automatically imported into your contact list. You can add the person as a LinkedIn contact straight from the app.

Send a follow up email when you are on a break or when you get to the hotel. If you don't, the statistics indicate you won't.

5. Use Social Media At The Conference

I'm not a natural at social media, so don't expect anything revolutionary from me. What I can say is that the world is on social media and the oil & gas industry is too.

Let me repeat that another way. YOU are on Facebook and use social media in some capacity, so it's not just people that have too much time on their hands.

I've seen everything from small transactions to major business leads come through the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These connections are happening every day.

My top three "getting started" social media tips are:

  • Use LinkedIn and Facebook status updates to tell professional contacts and friends you are going to a conference. You'll be surprised. Someone you went to high school or college with is in the oil & gas industry and will comment.
  • Use Twitter to get real time updates at the conference. The event sponsor and many of the attendees will use Twitter while they are there. There is no reason you shouldn't learn from them in real time.
  • If you're naturally social (a salesperson) or you handle marketing for your company, you should be using social media at the conference. Share photos, details about events you are involved in, and interact with the other people at the conference.

We hope the tips above make your next conference the most valuable to date. If you have more ideas, please share them in the comments below.

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Calfrac Acquires Eagle Ford Assets With Mission Well Services Deal - $147 Million

Mission Well Services Frac Spread
Mission Well Services Frac Spread

Calfrac Well Services has agreed to acquire Eagle Ford service company Mission Well Services for $147 million.

Mission Well Services is a privately held hydraulic fracturing and coiled tubing service provider in Texas. With the acquisition, Calfrac gains locations in Fairfield, Houston, and San Antonio.

Mission provides a platform for Calfrac to enter the Eagle Ford shale region and to assess opportunities in other basins in Texas, while adding high quality fracturing and coiled tubing equipment to other Calfrac operating areas.
— Doug Ramsay, CEO of Calfrac

The deal includes:

  • 157,500 of conventional pumping horsepower
  • High rate blenders
  • Sand handling equipment
  • Three deep capacity coiled tubing units with related fluid and nitrogen pumping units
  • Modern office and yard in San Antonio, TX

Charlie Leykum, Chairman of Mission, stated "We think the transaction is an exciting development for our team at Mission and it is the culmination of three years of hard work, from inception as a greenfield development to a thriving, multi-district pressure pumping company. We look forward to introducing Calfrac to our customers and vendors in the Eagle Ford and surrounding markets."

Calfrac is based in Calgary, Canada, and has operations in Canada, the U.S., South America, and Russia. The acquisition brings the company's total pumping capacity up to 1,181,500 horsepower.

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