Karnes County Couple Fights for Eagle Ford Shale Property

In a KENS-TV report, a Karnes County couple, Michael and Cassandra Harms, are left homeless, after Regency Field Services LLC, a subsidiary of Regency Energy Partners LP, claims their property. The couple, who purchased the Karnes County property in 2007, said they began to get sick when Regency began operating a gas well facility on a neighboring property. After finding high levels of arsenic in their water, The Harms hired a San Antonio Lawyer, Jon Christian Amberson, who the Harms' say told them to vacate their home. Ultimately, Amberson reached a settlement for the couple, whereby Regency paid the Harms' nearly $46,000 in damages and the remainder of the couples' $129,000 mortgage on the property. But the story doesn't end there. When the Harms tried to move back into their home, Regency had posted no trespassing signs and claimed the property belonged to them, citing a special warranty deed, which was signed by the couple. The Harms claim they never signed the deed.

Eventually the Harms' home on the property was razed. Now the couple is at a loss, and unsure of what their next move will be to re-claim their property.