RRC's Christian Strikes Back at 'Fake' News

Fake News

Texas Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian takes news media to task for spreading 'fake' news about the Commission's record on protecting the public and environment.

EPA Commends Texas for Protecting Water

Christian wrote an editorial last week in the Dallas Morning News (DMN) to counter falsehoods spread by the news agency and others. The most recent incident involved the DMN's claims that the Commission turns a blind eye to science.  

While the Railroad Commission is clearly doing its job of protecting the public, environmental extremists have engaged in fake news campaigns to twist these facts as part of their proxy war against fossil fuels. The RRC has been diligent about distributing information regarding these issues, but for the most part studies with good news, such as the recent EPA reports, have been largely ignored by the mainstream media
— Texas Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian

The editorial defended the RRC's record of protecting the public, saying its decisions are made based on sound science over politics. According to Christian, the Railroad Commission:

  • Is a leader in seismicity research
  • Is a leader in protecting our underground water
  • Has created some of the most stringent rules on disposal wells
  • Completed an exhaustive review of nearly 63,000 injection-well applications found RRC-permitted injection wells are not polluting any sources of underground drinking water

Earlier this month, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognized the Texas Railroad Commission for its work to protect underground sources of drinking water.