Railroad Commission Gains New Leadership

Texas Railroad Commission

Effective October 16th, Wei Wang will step into a new role as interim executive director of the Texas Railroad Commission.

RRC Facing Budget Challenges

Texas Railroad Commissioners, along with Chairman Christi Craddick, voted unanimously on the appointment. Wang currently serves as Chief Financial Officer for the agency and has earned the respect of his fellow team members across the Commission. 

Wei has the experience and institutional knowledge necessary to fulfill the important mission of the agency. We appreciate his assistance and anticipate the positive impact that his expertise will bring during this transition period.
— RRC Chairman, Christi Craddick

Earlier this year, the Railroad Commission announced it was struggling with falling revenues and lookgin for cretive wasy to augment resources coming into the agency. Craddick reported at the time that the agency’s number of employees drop from 1500 in the 1990’s to 690.  The jobs shortage presents a huge challenge for the agency, because the work still has to be done.