The Vetergy Group Proudly Welcomes CSM(ret) Christopher “Ck” Kurinec to Its Elite Force - Press Release

The Vetergy Group is proud to announce that Christopher “Ck” Kurinec is joining Vetergy’s management team. Chris served for twenty-five years in the active U.S. Army with leadership assignments in both conventional Infantry and Special Operations units. In the last 17 years of active duty, he was assigned to a Special Mission Unit at Fort Bragg, NC as part of the United States Army Special Operations Command where he gained extensive leadership, operational and training experience serving in every position of leadership within the organization, including Assaulter, Sniper, Team Leader, Troop Sergeant Major, Squadron Operations SGM, and Detachment Operations SGM. He culminated his military career as a Command Sergeant Major of an operational squadron. For his exceptional bravery, Chris was awarded the Silver Star along with two other valor awards, presented with three Purple Hearts and was the very first recipient of the USSOCOM Dick Meadows Award for Heroism.

Since leaving his active duty career, Chris has continued to serve as a Wounded Warrior Recovery Advocate for the USSOCOM Care Coalition helping our most significantly wounded Special Operations Forces warriors recover from their wounds. The experience of supporting these incredibly brave wounded warriors and their families fuels Chris’ passion to help veterans find meaningful and productive solutions.

After his military service, Chris has provided performance improvement coaching to drilling crews and other supporting infrastructure in the oil & natural gas industry. Chris has learned that matching veteran skills with the energy sector is a natural path that has not been exploited with the proper amount of focus and determination. Chris’ ability to translate the diverse experience and capabilities of veterans to immediate needs in the energy sector aligns his desire with the mission of The Vetergy Group. Chris is passionate about helping veterans transfer their unique goals to the emerging demands of the energy industry that genuinely needs their skills and inherent discipline.

The profound impact of supporting each other has a unique meaning for Chris and Vetergy’s founder, David Wilbur. Chris and David met twice over 15 years in very different circumstances before they ever shook hands.

“I’m on the long list of folks who have had to bail him out of trouble,” David says with a smile as he reminisces on a night when enemy combatants near the city of Haditha in the Al Anbar province of Iraq had engaged Chris’ unit during OPERATION Iraqi Freedom. “I was leading a section of F/A-18s overhead to provide close air support to the ground operations when the call came for help. Fortunately because of the sensor technology we had available and the proficiency of our aircrew, we were able to deploy a Laser Maverick into the enemy position, confuse the enemy and allow Chris’ unit to regain the offensive. I’d always believed the weapon shacked the target,” David recalls describing a direct hit, “until Chris and I first made the connection working in the oilfield on the North Slope of Alaska.”

“That’s not exactly true” Chris says, “the Maverick came in high and missed the target, but actually managed to hit the opposition on the run as they fled their bunker.”

After their reunion on the North Slope, Chris and David retraced their careers and discovered several other encounters they had had over their many years of service. “It just reminds you that intersections between our lives and those we come in contact with are not accidental,” David said. “There’s definitely a bigger picture and a Divine appointment.”

“There is a natural symmetry between working for the Department of Defense and in the Oil & Natural Gas Industry,” says Chris. “As a veteran, you protect the American way of life…as a worker in the Oil & Natural Gas Industry, you are responsible for helping to create the American way of life.”

The Vetergy Group is honored to have Mr. Kurinec, a true American hero, join our team.

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