Driver Safety, The Law, and Cellular Based Devices In The Eagle Ford - Press Release

Wireless Communication in South Texas
Wireless Communication in South Texas

The ongoing national campaign against the use of cellular devices while operating a motor vehicle has sent out a plethora of mixed messages. Nearly 1 in 5 crashes in Texas occur while using cellular devices. On January 3, 2012 the US Department of Transportation (DOT) adopted a ban to restrict the use of mobile devices while operating a commercial motor vehicle.

The “Distracted Driver” campaign has established partial or total bans on texting while driving in over forty states, and heavy fines and civil penalties will be imposed on commercial drivers who use any hand-held device that has a phone number (FCC definition for mobile telephone) while driving. Violations will incur federal civil penalties of up to $27,750 for each offense and multiple offenses can ultimately lead to driver license disqualification.

What Do The New Rules Mean?

The new rule specifies that holding, dialing and reaching for a mobile device is unacceptable. Push-to-talk mobile telephones (if it has a phone number) are also restricted under the new rule. The restriction does not include the use of Professional Land Mobile Two-Way Radio units. Two-way radios are not considered to be mobile telephones and are not affected by the legislation.

"For many years A&B Communications has operated one of the largest wide-area communication networks in the US", says Patrick Russell General Manager.

A&B Communication's is expanding its South Texas network even further. The network was built for the oilfield service industry and has supported large, medium and small fleets through good times and bad. With the dramatic growth in Eagle Ford, we have been racing to expand coverage areas and network capacity to keep up with demand from new and previously existing fleet operators. Our network has always covered the remote unpopulated parts of Texas where cellular systems don’t go.

In addition to the “distracted driver” safety concerns,  our customers demand instant access to their fleets at the push of a button. They want reliable coverage, loud/clear audio that can be heard in noisy environments, convenient installations from service people who are willing to come to them on their schedules.

If US DoT rules are affecting your company, consider a reliable two-way radio system.

Headquartered in Corpus Christi, A&B Communications understands the unique needs of the oilfield fleet operator. The company specializes in safe, reliable, private communications systems and devices for petrochemical refining, oilfield, medical and public safety.

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