Oil & Gas Production in Texas Decreases for First Time since 2010

Oil Production Declines

Oil and gas production for the state of Texas is at its lowest levels in years, according to preliminary data from the Texas Railroad Commission. 

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Since 2010, oil and gas production in Texas showed a steady, and sometimes dramatic, year-over-year increase. But for the first time in years, preliminary data is showing that the state's production has shifted course and is showing a decrease from from last year.

The Texas Railroad Commission (RRC), which regulates the state's oil and gas industry, reports Texas produced 978 million barrels of crude oil for the full year 2016. This is a drop from over one billion barrels in 2015. The following image shows total oil production numbers for the last seven years. 

texas crude production.png

Total natural gas production for the state has also hit numbers not seen in many years. For 2016, preliminary numbers are showing a total of 7,969,918,341 (mcf). Until this year, gas production in the state had climbed year-over-year since 2010. 

The Eagle Ford Shale leads Texas in natural gas production, with Webb County being listed as the top producing county in the state. Natural gas production byTexas region includes:

  • Eagle Ford Shale: 5357 (MMcf) 
  • Permian Basin: 5193 (MMcf)
  • Barnett Shale: 3775 (MMcf)
  • Haynesville : 887 (MMcf)