TX RRC Eagle Ford Well Map - Dec 2012

Eagle Ford Shale Well Map - Dec 2012
Eagle Ford Shale Well Map - Dec 2012

The Texas Railroad Commission's Eagle Ford Shale well map was updated with the most recent data through December 11, 2012.

Since November 12th, the commission has issued 40 permits. That's much slower than the almost 5 permits per day during the previous four months, but a slow down is expected this time of year.

A total of 3,318 wells had been reported producing as of December 11. Over 200 wells were brought online in the past month. That's 176 more oil wells and 35 more gas wells than we had in November. Interestingly, that's a pace of more than 7 wells coming online per day.

Data from the RRC is always a little delayed, so the numbers reflected might not be 100% accurate. The RRC is at the mercy of companies reporting data in a timely fashion. I suspect we're closer to 4,000 wells producing by the end of the month.