State Legislature Sets Aside $225 Million For County Roads

Tanker Truck on the Highway
Tanker Truck on the Highway

In what looks to be a start to fixing local roads in South Texas, the state legislature has set aside $225 million in what was deemed a "Transportation Infrastructure Fund".

The Texas Department of Transportation (TXDot) will administer a grant program that will distribute the funds. The beneficiaries will be counties in West and South Texas who have been affected by high volumes of oilfield traffic.

Senator Carlos Uresti stated "It’s never been done before where the state appropriates money for county roads.”

The program will last for two years and the money will be used to fix county roads. Counties will also be able to set up "County Transportation Reinvestment Zones" that will allow local districts to raise property taxes and sales taxes to help fund road repairs.

TXDoT money typically funds repairs of highways and farm to market roads. This will be the first time state money has been used to repair county roads. Local counties will have to cover 10-20% of the cost of repairs.