RRC's Porter Warns Against Radical Environmentalist Ideology

Texas Railroad Commissioner, David Porter pleads with the Attorney General to engage the war on fossil fuel.

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In a recent letter to Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, Commissioner Porter used inflammatory language to urge Paxton to take action against the forces that want to weaken the energy industry. Using terms such as 'radical environmentalist ideology', 'witch hunt', 'dangerous radicalism' and 'religious zealotry', the Commissioner worked to convince Paxton that they needed to act in order to protect:

  • The state’s natural resources
  • The economic vitality of the energy industry
  • Hundreds of thousands of Texas jobs
  • America's energy independence

In the letter, Commissioner Porter accused presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton, of prompting New York's Attorney General to aggressively go after ExxonMobil last month. He cited this as one example in a trend to engage in a sort of climate change witch hunt and an effort to limit free thought and speech.

General Paxton, you have taken a rock-solid stance against federal overreach and dangerous radicalism posing as policy. I encourage you to be wary of similar efforts in Texas, so that together we can continue protecting our state’s natural resources, as well as the economic vitality of the industry that produces these resources, employs hundreds of thousands of Texans and paves the way for American energy independence.
— Commisioner Porter