Port of Corpus Christi's Eagle Ford Oil Exports Exceed Oil Imports

The Port of Corpus Christi has reached a milestone that won't likely be reversed any time soon. Oil exports from the port are exceeding imports. During the month of August, the port saw oil exports rise to almost 3.9 million barrels (~124,000 b/d) compared to inbound cargo of just 2.8 million barrels (~90,000 b/d). One year prior in August of 2012, the port was exporting just 2.8 million barrels (~90,000 b/d) and importing over 3 million barrels (~100,000 b/d).

There’s new wells being drilled everyday. Mainly, right now, they’re oil,” John LaRue, Port Director, said. “The gas part has not, it initially took off but because the price of natural gas is so low, they’re not drilling as many of those.