Laredo Energy - Record Eagle Ford Production in Webb County

Eagle Ford Shale gas wells are performing above expectations for Laredo Energy in Webb County, TX. The company provided an update on its operations today. Eagle Ford Shale production reached 40 mmcfd following the completion of two new wells and the company has three wells awaiting completion in late August. Those three wells that will likely increase production beyond current levels. 

Laredo release the production information after the Puig 3H, and the Bruni-Summers 1H wells were tied into the EEG system. "We now have 25 horizontal completions in Webb County, where we have a 120,000 acre position," said Glen Hart, Laredo Energy's president and CEO. "We are continuing to develop our Eagle Ford position while adding horizontal completions in the shallower Austin Chalk, Olmos, and Escondido formations.


Laredo Energy currently has 16 horizontal wells producing in the Eagle Ford Shale. three in the Austin Chalk formation, one in the Olmos and five in the Escondido formation.

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