Karnes County Couple Petitions Texas Supreme Court

Eagle Ford Shale Supreme Court
Eagle Ford Shale Supreme Court

Eagle Ford landowners petition the Texas Supreme Court to hear environment nuisance case.

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Michal and Myra Cerny from Karnes County are taking their legal battle to Texas' highest court, claiming that oil and gas activity on their property has made them sick, reduced their quality of life and damaged the foundation of their home.

The original 2013 case against Marathon Oil and Plains Exploration & Production was dismissed and their first appeal failed when the courts ruled that family didn't meet the legal standards for nuisance and negligence claims. The family is now hoping that the Texas Supreme Court will hear their case and give them a chance for restitution.

Making living conditions unbearable does not mean getting cancer from some chemical. You don’t need an expert to testify that the smell was so bad that they couldn’t live in their own house.
— Attorney David Towler