Ice Storm Hits the Eagle Ford

Ice Storms Hitting South Texas
Ice Storms Hitting South Texas

Frigid temperatures could have an impact on operations in the Eagle Ford as the mercury hovers below the freezing mark for most of Friday morning. The wintry mix began hitting the counties covering the Eagle Ford formation late on Thursday night.

Due to the adverse weather conditions, non-critical work may be delayed and completions could be postponed. Black ice and slippery roads will also likely impact efficiency for logistical operations across the Eagle Ford.

Although the weather may be a burden to operations in South Texas, the industry is no stranger to cold weather. Workers in the Bakken oilfield have experienced crippling conditions due to dramatically cold temperatures throughout the winter.

Freeze offs from the cold weather will likely have a larger impact further north where temperatures have dipped much further below freezing.

Weekend temperatures in South Texas will be back into the high 60's and 70's, so interruptions should be temporary

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