Global Petroleum - Texon Testing 17 Fracks in McMullen County

Global Petroleum announced more details on Texon's lastest wells in the Eagle Ford. What is Texon's third well was completed with 17 frack stages instead of the 15 used in previous wells. Watch to see if production results increase accordingly. It's an interesting puzzle finding the right number of frack stages at the right costs. 

Global Petroleum (LON:GBP) reported this morning that its partner Texon Petroleum (ASX:TXN) has successfully fracced the second Eagle Ford well. The well will now be tested.

Global says recovery of frac fluid used in the process will probably take a few days after which Texon will conduct a proper flow test of the well, codenamed Tyler Ranch EFS Nos2H.

Fraccing – a procedure designed to increase production from the well – was carried out on Tyler Ranch EFS Nos2H over 17 stages.

Global has a 7.939% working interest in approximately 1,651 acres beneath the Olmos formation at the Leighton project, including the Eagle Ford Shale.

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