EOG: New Technology in the Eagle Ford

New Drilling Technology
New Drilling Technology

EOG uses new technology in its Eagle Ford operations.

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In a recent presentation, EOG's Executive VP, Exploration and Production, Billy Helms, reflected on five qualities that he believes is keeping the company competitive and as a leader in the industry. Most notable is the company's focus on advancement and completion technology.

Recent examples include EOG's high density completions that help maximize recovery are increasing the recovery in every acre of land that the company has.

So we’ve got completion engineers working with geologists to better understand what part of the rock we need to put the bit, the lateral and to complete. And those people are working with the drilling engineers to make sure we place the lateral in those places.
— Billy Helms

EOG has used this new technology in the EagleFord, where it has increased completion improvements by 33% from 2014-2015. EOG is also focusing on finding the best rock by understanding the rocks and how they improve the recovery through 'targeting'. The company has identified a couple of targets that will increase recovery in the productive interval.

Another characteristic touted by EOG is its ability to cut costs. There has been a 10% cost reduction in the company's Eagle Ford well costs this year. oNe of the factors here is reduction in drilling time. In 2012 it took us 14 days to drill a well and now it takes a little over a week.