Eagle Ford Shale: the View from Space

eagle ford shale NASA
eagle ford shale NASA

New images from NASA chronicle the evolution of the Eagle Ford landscape.

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For many years, NASA has been using satellites to capture views of the Eagle Ford Shale from high above the earth. In February, they released new images that show the growth of the region and the total transformation of the landscape in just a few years.

In nighttime satellite imagery, the light from the Eagle Ford shale play competes with the nearby cities of San Antonio and Austin. The electric glow of drilling equipment, worker camps, and other gas and oil infrastructure combine with flickering gas flares to create an unmistakable arc of light across southern Texas.

The following images show the area east of Cotulla, Texas, in the heart of the Eagle Ford. During the boom, Cotulla's population grew from about 4,000 to 10,000.

Cotulla, TX: 2000
Cotulla, TX: 2015 | click to enlarge

The current downturn has affected the rig count in the Eagle Ford as producers wait out low crude prices, but the long term affects are yet to be known.

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