Eagle Ford Shale Makes San Antonio's Top Stories - 2011

The Eagle Ford Shale was ranked the second most important story in the San Antonio area in 2011. The number one issue for the area in 2011 was the contentious state budget.

After decades in the doldrums, the South Texas economy is being stoked by drilling in the Eagle Ford Shale, one of the hottest oil and gas plays in the country.

Drilling permits in the region jumped from 26 in 2008 to 3,131 by early December, according to Texas Railroad Commission data.

Housing shortages, traffic jams and jobs begging for workers are now common in many formerly dead-end towns. Some landowners also are cashing huge lease and royalty checks. Property tax, sales tax and hotel-motel tax revenues are rising, filling counties' coffers.

San Antonio, too, is benefiting. Blue-chip oil field services companies, such as Halliburton Co., Baker Hughes Inc. and Weatherford International, are moving in.

The shale play has brought 5,000 jobs to San Antonio, and likely will bring twice that many within three years.

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