Eagle Ford Lease Bonuses Making Land Owners Millionaires

Eagle Ford lease offers are going out daily, so if you own land in South Texas expect to hear the landman knocking. Lease bonuses are several thousand dollars per acre in areas of proven production potential and operators are making land owners millionaires over night. For more on leasing activity visit MineralRightsForum.com.

"Frenzy over the Eagle Ford Shale oil and gas prospect is turning lucky mineral rights owners into millionaires overnight. But in a rush to cash in on the opportunity, costly mistakes are being made that will leave many learning lessons about legal issues the hard way."

“ 'The devil is in the details,' says attorney Robert A. Schaezler, of The Schaezler Law Firm.  'When there’s so much money at stake, it’s important to keep a cool head and make sure you get the law on your side.' “

"To help ensure that, there are three key questions he recommends mineral rights and landowners should ask themselves:

First, where do you stand?

Second, what are your rights?

Third, what should you look for in a lease?"

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