Cotulla Cell Phone Problems Caused by the Influx of Workers

Cellular companies can't keep up with the oil companies:

Downtown Cotulla is booming these days thanks to the Eagle Ford shale that has drawn thousands of people to the area.Not only are roads crowded, impromptu trailer and RV communities have popped up because there is no place to live.It's also hard to get a bite to eat in Cotulla because restaurants are packed.But there is one other problem that nobody anticipated: Residents say cell phone service is now spotty at best.


"At first, I thought it was my cell phone that was having the issue," said school counselor Nanette Garcia. "I wasn't getting service or bars or couldn't receive or make calls."Garcia then got a new phone and the problems continued for her and co-worker Norma Cantu at Frank Newman Middle School.Their guess: the cell towers are overloaded."We've got like 4,000 more people in our community and if a tower can only handle 1,500 users, that means a whole lot of people don't have a phone that they can use," Garcia said.