Binational Energy Task Force in the Works

Binational Task Force
Binational Task Force

Since the Mexican government enacted historic energy reforms in 2014, there have been a flood of  initiatives to encourage dialogue and collaboration from both sides of the border. One if these is a new task force proposed by Texas Secretary of State, Carlos Casco.

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Casco announced the formation of a new task force last week that will reach out to Mexican and U.S. agencies and entrepreneurs. His hope is that this binational effort will promote public/private partnerships to tackle critical issues that are key to economic development including infrastructure projects such as water and roads.

We have to invest in our infrastructure in order to continue being able to be a trading partner. At the end of the day, it’s about job creation and business on both sides of the river.
— Secretary of State, Carlos Casco

Mexico's new legislation opens up the country's energy market to foreign investment and has sparked the state power company (CFE) to initiate an aggressive construction campaign that includes $3.3 billion to be spent on 12 natural gas and electricity projects.

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