Bentek's Benposium May 15-17, 2012

Bentek's Benposium conference is May 15-17 in Houston. We're out at the event and will be providing updates on the latest developments affecting South Texas.

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If you're new to the event, here's a short description of Benposium 2012:

With great changes come great opportunities and North America is poised once again to reassert itself as a leading global energy innovator, producer and exporter. But with new expectations and assumptions come unknown risks and untold rewards. Questioning historical production, transportation and pricing relationships are at the center of the debate as new technologies rattle the energy supply stack.

The shale gas revolution, which is now spreading to oil, continues to have a profound impact on the continental energy landscape and new possibilities are unfolding faster than many in the market anticipated. Producers focusing on traditional natural gas plays have entered into a new era of production optionality, with NGLs and oil the sought after prizes, while abandoning emerging plays that were first developed just a few years ago. International investors have taken notice, investing billions into developing and transporting new domestic resources. The power generation, end users and petrochemical sectors face monumental decisions for making long-term strategic decisions.

This is the objective of BENPOSIUM 2012, a premier event from BENTEK Energy: To explore the most important aspects of these developments through the practical application of fundamental analysis in energy markets.

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