Texas Challenges Methane Rules

Methane Emissions Safety
Methane Emissions Safety

TexasRailroad Commissioners warn against the new proposed methane rules.

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In a letter to the head of the EPA, Railroad Commission Chairman David Porter and Commissioners Christi Craddick and Ryan Sitton warned against further federal overreach of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed rules on methane emissions for oil and gas operators. The letter highlighted the unnecessary cost to oil and gas operators that would likely stifle innovation and jobs in the industry.

In August, President Obama revealed a plan that would require oil and gas companies to cut methane pollution from drilling sites, distribution systems and in other areas of operation by 32 percent by 2030. This ruling is part of the President’s broad and aggressive plan to fight climate change, and many believe it would literally transform the energy industry.

These rules are another attempt by the federal government to take over regulation of our state’s oil and gas industry. Texas has regulated this important industry in a robust and responsible manner for almost a century. These regulations are unnecessary and over-burdensome and will only impede industry, damage our economy and kill the jobs Texans rely on to support their families.
— Chairman Porter

The EPA estimates that the ruling might cost the industry as much as $420 million and add more stress to fatigued companies who have battled for months of low crude prices.

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