Record Numbers Attend Robstown Job Fair


The industry is pushing forward full force and Eagle Ford jobs are coming with them. Job News hosted the largest career fair in the company's history yesterday in Robstown, TX (near Corpus Christi). As many as 3,000 attendees made the trek to apply for the more than 2,000 jobs that were on display from 29 companies. For those that count, the population of Robstown is only a little over 12,000. The population grew by 25% for the day! Wow! If you want to attend the next event, we'll be tracking South Texas career fairs at our Eagle Ford job fairs page.

I caught up with Kevin Robbins from Job News USA this morning to hear more about the show:

"This was our second job fair in the area and the largest job fair in our company's history. We'll be planning another job fair in the coming months (likely in the first quarter of 2012)

A great thing about yesterday's job fair was there were more people along with better female attendance. Likely, double the number of women that came to the Beeville career fair.

Many of the vendors shared that it was the best job fair they had been a part of."

They began to lose count, but Kevin said best estimates were "2,800 to 3,000 attendees".

Companies are just begining to hit their stride in developing the Eagle Ford and you can bet there will be ample job opportunity for many years to come. I'm sure the jobs that were landed yesterday were a welcomed Christmas gift.

Did you attend the Robstown Job Fair? We'd love to hear more about your experience.