Job Creation Isn't Slowing in the Eagle Ford

Job creation isn't slowing down. In fact, we really need the number of qualified applicants to increase. Chesapeake hired 34 new employees on the spot at a job fair last week. (There's a job fair today - November 15th - in Floresville from 9:30-3:30) If you are looking for work, you should at least explore the industry. There's not much we don't need in the oilfield. Also, check out our Jobs Page where there are 100s of jobs.

The jobs range from welders to truck drivers to electricians to engineers.

“You name it. Up and down the line, we'll take those people," said Haynes.

Alamo Community Colleges are also playing a big role, customizing training programs to fit the need of the employers.

"We are not having to do a lot of major changes it's more tuning in what we are already providing, " said Dr. Bruce Leslie, chancellor of Alamo Colleges.

"We can offer that person the opportunity to work in this industry to progress in this industry and offer that person not only a comfortable living but a retirement," Haynes said.