Eagle Ford Shale - Professional Skills Needed - South Texas is Stepping Up

There are literally thousands of open Eagle Ford jobs in South Texas and the only thing holding the oil & gas industry back is skilled professionals. Many of the colleges in the area are developing specialized programs to help equip students with the skills needed to work in the oil & gas industry.  It's just a start, but local colleges will be instrumental in making sure the industry can fill the 70,000+ jobs that will be created over the next 10 years. If you are considering a change in career or might want to further your education, visit our Eagle Ford Shale Oil & Gas Training and Education page to find colleges and degree programs near you.

Everyone from accountants to IT professionals to scientists need advanced degrees. Even truck drivers need a commercial license gained through hours of class.

"This industry does not just need short term workers, they need long term workers and they need people that are educated and trained," said Castaneda.

So the solution for many lies in going back to school. Local programs are working with the industry to develop students qualified to work. Two years of schooling might seem like a lot, but Castaneda says the jobs will be there for a while.

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