Bee County Job Fair Draws Record Crowd

We're experiencing an oil boom in South Texas, but there are still lots of people job hunting. The great thing about the oilfield is it creates lots of jobs and opportunities. There were an estimated 1,000 jobs on display yesterday at the Beeville, TX, job fair and visitors trumped expectations when as many as 2,000 people visited potential employers. Visit the Eagle Ford Jobs Page to search open positions in the South Texas oilfield. 

Skilled or unskilled, from across Texas and out of state, at least twice as many people as the 1,000 jobs 24 employers sought to fill converged on the Bee County Exposition Center on Tuesday.

Two hours in, the company was running low on informational cards for attendees to fill out, putting attendance well above the 1,000 mark. Robbins estimated attendance approached about 2,000 people, all seeking good pay ranges and relatively close-to-home work, which included jobs out in the fields, on the roads and in offices.