Sitton: Every Day is Earth Day

Earth Day

Tomorrow is Earth Day, and while some might think that Texas oil and industry would be at odds with the celebration, the Texas Railroad Commission (RRC) works as if 'every day is Earth Day!'

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Texas Railroad Commissioner, Ryan Sitton, released a message yesterday to affirm that the agency is working hard to protect the public and the environment.

As a father, husband, private property owner and elected official, I know the health of our environment tomorrow is only as strong as our actions today. It’s important to me that at Texas’ energy regulatory agency, the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC), we work as if every day is Earth Day.
— Ryan Sitton, Texas Railroad Commissioner

Regardless of the public perception, Sitton went on to say that most Republicans care deeply about our air, water and environmental quality. This is, in fact, at the core of their mission as the state's oil and gas regulatory agency. Sitton believes that energy regulation doesn't have to be in conflict with environmental protection.

RRC Protects the Environment

Following are some examples where Sitton says the RRC is protecting our environment:

  • A strict permitting process is in place that requires operators to provide detailed plans that include how they will prevent pollution
  • RRC inspectors work daily to inspect wells and pipelines to ensure they are in compliance with rules set by the RRC
  • The RRC enforces the rules and applies fines and other punishments when an operator is not in compliance. 
  • The RRC also assists communities across Texas with land restoration

Earlier this year, the RRC issued a statement criticizing a recent court decision concerning oil and gas waste disposal. The statement defending the record of the RRC and said that the ruling added unnecessary and burdensome regulations to the industry.

To learn more about the Texas Railroad Commission, visit their website here.