Eagle Heights Development Takes Flight

Eagle Heights is a multifamily property specialized for the needs of the oilfield industry and includes three tiers of residential service.

Eagle Heights is a multifamily property specialized for the needs of the oilfield industry and includes three tiers of residential service.

Eagle Heights Development Co, a new upscale serviced apartment development in Pleasanton, Texas will be hosting an open house on June 23rd from 3-7 pm.

The brand new location is celebrating the grand opening of this new housing option, specifically designed and catered to the oil and gas industry and professionals.

The Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce will host a ribbon cutting for the new establishment and officials will offer an overview of the amenities and housing options available to professionals working in the area.

Guests will be treated to bar-b-que and beer at the event, with live music performed by the Chris Saucedo Band, a well-known and lively music group out of San Antonio. This celebration is meant to bring together business professionals from the area, energy companies that explore and produce in the Eagle Ford area, and city and state leaders for a demonstration of the benefits of the Eagle Heights Apartments.

Eagle Heights was conceived and designed to serve the unmet housing needs of individuals unwilling to compromise on quality and companies looking for a local real estate partner to tackle their staffing and budgetary goals.
— Reuven Bisk, Chairman and Manager of Eagle Heights Development.

Along with the promise of a good time, the celebration will be of great educational benefit to the attendees. Fitting the name, Eagle Heights, the Texas-based group behind this new apartment community is committed to the majestic eagle and other birds of prey. For this reason, the group has committed to a $10,000 donation to the Last Chance Forever organization, a conservancy group for birds of prey, or raptors. The development group is calling for other organizations and companies from the area to join them in their mission to aid these animals by contributing to the fund as well, and to be recognized equally as the Eagle Champions.

The Last Chance Forever organization will be attending the event and bringing several of their aid recipients with them, including a live eagle. Guests will have an opportunity to learn more about these majestic birds, their needs and how people can assist them. If any city were to be supportive of this breed, it would have to be Pleasanton, Texas – home of the Pleasanton Eagles. In so many ways, this new development, and the grand opening specifically, is connected to community surrounding them.

Eagle Heights has structured itself to meet the long-term housing needs and goals of the City of Pleasanton and other Eagle Ford communities in order to help ensure their future development and growth.
— Bisk

A dedication to the community is helping city leaders to understand the importance and benefits of the new development. The local Chamber of Commerce has shown support of this new development and has encouraged others to welcome this new opportunity which will spur growth and economic stimulation to the area.

We are excited to welcome Eagle Heights Development to our town. With these new apartment complexes now built, the city of Pleasanton is able to offer businesses another great housing option. With new infrastructure comes the opportunity to attract new businesses to our area and provide new jobs for our community.
— Kevin Aniol, President of the Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce.

Guests at the open housewill have the opportunity to take a self-guided tour through the Eagle Heights Apartments in addition to the Texas bar-b-que and beer, live music, and eagle education. With this tour, companies and professionals will learn about this new premium housing option and why it will be a good fit for their housing needs.

To learn more about this and other professional housing locations offered by Eagle Heights Development, visit www.eagleheightsdevelopment.com.