EPA’s Efforts Could Hurt the Eagle Ford

If the EPA gets its way, the boom in the Eagle Ford might slow down. Here are a few good statistics from the Seguine Gazette:

Development of the Eagle Ford shale, a vast oil and gas region, shows promise of being the most important economic generator South Texas ever has seen, a recently released study indicates.

Since the first well was drilled in the Eagle Ford in 2008 until 2010, oil and gas drilling has directly supported about 6,800 full-time jobs in the region, paid $311 million in salaries and benefits to workers and generated almost $2.1 billion in total economic output.

When other spin-off jobs were tallied, the numbers jumped to 12,600 jobs, $512 million in salaries and $2.9 billion in economic output.

Drilling jobs account for about half of the jobs so far in the Eagle Ford, and the jobs pay well, starting from about $12 to $17 an hour for an entry-level drilling job, and $13 to $18 an hour for truck drivers.

Read the full news release at seguingazette.com