Dimmit County, TX and the Eagle Ford Shale Play

Dimmit County Eagle Ford Shale Map
Dimmit County Eagle Ford Shale Map

Dimmit County (1,334 sq miles) is situated in South Texas above the Eagle Ford Shale Play where companies are targeting both oil, condensate, and gas. Dimmit County produces from both the condensate rich and oil prone areas of the Eagle Ford. Generally, activity in the county is driven by the two major operators Chesapeake and Anadarko.  The condensate rich area in the southern third of the county is largely operated by Anadarko, and Chesapeake operates much of the northern portion of the county that is prospective for oil. The county is also home to the 106,000 acre Harrison's Piloncillo Ranch. The Piloncillo Ranch is the largest single leasehold in the Eagle Ford Shale. Shell did not issue a press release on the acquisition of this lease, but industry experts report the company leased the mineral rights to a prescribed interval that includes the Eagle Ford shale formation for $10,000 per acre. Additional leases will be required on the Harrison's Piloncillo Ranch to drill for more shallow or deeper oil & gas targets. The county is also prospective for the emerging Pearsall Shale Gas Play.  The Pearsall produces dry gas.  With oil prices generally receiving a premium to natural gas (based on an equivalent BTU basis), the majority of wells target the Eagle Ford Shale oil. County services of interest to oil and gas lease owners include: the Dimmit County Appraisal District (tax collector) office and the Dimmit County Clerk (property records) office. The county seat is Carrizo Springs, which is the oldest community in the county.  Other communities include the towns of Asherton and Big Wells.

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Major Operators in Dimmit

Anadarko, Chesapeake, and Newfield are the largest operators in Dimmit County.  All three primarily target the Eagle Ford shale, but are testing the potential of the Pearsall shale.

  • Anadarko is partnered with both KNOC and SM Energy across portions of its acreage.  The company's development is being supported by the proceeds raised from bringing in KNOC as a partner across this area for more than $16,000 per acre.  Anadarko is now reaching development mode where it is pushing to bring down well costs, while increasing per well reserves to more than 450 mboe.
  • Chesapeake and Newfield operate most of the acreage in the northern half of the county.  Chesapeake estimates EURs are approximately 595 mboe across its acreage, which includes Dimmit County.  The companies drill horizontal wells that have laterals that reach 5,000-8,000 ft.

Dimmit County - Eagle Ford Shale Statistics

This following information is provided by The University of Texas at San Antonio’s (UTSA) Institute for Economic Development.

  • Quarterly Taxable Spending: $47,804,737 (2nd quarter 2012, an increase of 273% since 2009)
  • Oil & Gas Employment: 4,309 jobs (2011)
  • 10-Year Oil & Gas Employment Outlook: 10,127 jobs (2021)

Dimmit County - Eagle Ford Shale Upcoming Projects

This following information is provided by The University of Texas at San Antonio’s (UTSA) Institute for Economic Development.

  • Enterprise Production Partners - Gas Pipeline (from White Kitchen)
  • Plains All American Pipeline - Crude Pipeline (to the Gardendale Terminal)
  • Plains All American Pipeline - Catarina Storage and Terminal (2011, 185 MB)

E&P Companies with Operations in Dimmit County

Dimmit County Pipeline Companies

  • Enterprise Products Operating
  • Howard Energy Partners
  • Kinder Morgan and Copano
  • West Texas Gas