Bosque Systems’ Growth Strategy Has Paid Off With Big Contracts in Texas, Oklahoma, and North Dakota. Expanding further in 2014 – Press Release

Largest Independent Water Management Contractor in the U.S.
Bosque-Systems Fluids Management

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Fort Worth-based Bosque Systems announces that it is the largest independent water management dedicated contractor to oil and gas operators in the U.S. It has treated and managed close to 200 million barrels of produced and flowback water for oil and gas operators in 2013. The company is engaged in sourcing, gathering, storing, treating and delivery of frac ready water to numerous operators. [Read more…]

New Water Management Solutions Decrease Oil & Gas Impact – Press Release

Mobile Water Recycling Units Are Being Deployed In Oilfields Across the US
Bosque Systems

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Water is an essential component for oil and natural gas production during both the drilling and hydraulic fracturing processes.  Most of the water used comes from surface water sources such as area lakes, ponds, rivers and municipal supplies. Historically, the water used in drilling and hydraulic fracturing has been a one-time use.  With recent droughts, oil and natural gas operators have been seeking alternative sources of water to be used in aiding their production to minimize their ecological impacts. [Read more…]

GreenHunter Energy Plans Commercial Water Facility in Wilson County

GreenHunter Energy has leased acreage and plans to build a commercial water facility in Wilson County, TX. The facility will house at least one disposal well, a frack tank yard, and a treatment plant for produced water, frack water, and drilling muds.

Now, if we can just get some rain, so there is water to treat…… [Read more…]